Getting campers to and from camp is up to the cooperative efforts of parents and church leaders.
Please plan to arrive within the specified time and arrange for prompt pick-up on the last day.
Registration: 9:00 -11:00 am (Monday)
Pick-up: 9:00 -10:00 am (Saturday)
*For SPARK camp, check out registration and pick-up information below.


The following are policies established by the camp board:
Campers can only attend one week per summer
 Campers must be 6 years old by July 1


Please note that clothing and bedding will be heat treated upon arrival.
We recommend packing footwear, toiletries, Bibles, pens, etc. separately.
Sleeping bag and pillow
Swimsuit with no zippers (one-piece)
Money for offering and pop stand
Tennis shoes
Toiletries including towels and wash cloths (placed in a Ziploc bag with name written on the outside)
Modest clothes for one week (shorts, shirts, jackets, pants)
Mud-pit recreation option (older clothes)
Special night for TORCH week only
Evening service (long pants for boys and dresses or long pants for girls)
 Vespers (long pants for girls changing after evening service)


Electronic devices (cell phones, mp3, game systems, etc.)
Candy/Food (Cabins are not equipped to store candy and food. If snacks are brought to camp, they will be stored in the pop stand and the camper will only be allowed to have their snacks during pop stand time.)


If you have a scheduling conflict or will be arriving late, please contact the camp office to discuss options. As always, if you have any further questions regarding your child’s stay at camp, please contact us and we would be glad to answer your questions.


Modesty DOES NOT include tight, short or revealing clothing. Straps for dresses and shirts should be at least three finger tips wide. All shorts and dresses should be at least finger tip length.  Dresses or pants are to be worn to our evening services each night. If you have questions regarding our modesty policy, please contact us.


All campers should be free of the following symptoms for at least 24 hours prior to the start of camp: fever of 100 degrees or more, vomiting, diarrhea and contagious skin infections. In the event of injury or illness, parents will be notified and are expected to come and pick up their camper.  If your child requires prescription medication, the following procedures must be observed: (1) Prescription medication must be in its original container with an accurate pharmacy label indicating camper’s name, medical provider, dose and timing.  Send only the amount of medications the child might need while at camp, (2) place all necessary medications (including over the counter medications) in a zip lock bag labeled with the campers’ name. At registration, please give all medications to the first aid person.


Our day campers arrive between 7-8am each day (Monday - Thursday) with pick-up time set at 4pm.  When you arrive, please come to the front of the Beery Activity Center for registration.

Here is a list of what campers should bring:
Backpack/Drawstring Bag Containing:
One-piece swimsuit (Girls) / Swimming Trunks (Boys)
Extra change of clothes
The campers do not need money.
Unlike the older weeks, pop stand is included in the registration fee

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call us at the camp at (740) 372-6422 or email brett@mthopebiblecamp.com.

* Please note we were made aware of a culvert replacement on State Route 348 near Crabtree's Market.  The work is scheduled to begin on July 5 and estimated to be completed by the afternoon of July 7.  With this being said, SR 348 will be closed between Henry Cooper Road and Sedan Crabtree Road.  To avoid this road closure (especially if coming from Lucasville), you could plan to come Bear Creek Road or Sedan Crabtree to Crabtree Cemetery Road.  


Each year for our Torch week, we hold a “special night” which gives campers the opportunity to dress up and enjoy a nice dinner together. Information will be posted to our social media platforms so be sure to watch for our posts and plan accordingly.


If your church is sponsoring your way to camp, please have your pastor or a member of church leadership sign their name in the payment box on the registration form, indicating their commitment to cover the full or partial registration cost of your camp.