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Bible Release Time

Compass School Ministries

Our mission for Compass School Ministries is to educate, equip and encourage students to have an upward focus, inward change and an outward impact through the biblical teachings of the Scripture.  

Compass School Ministries, in partnership with School Ministries of Ohio, is a Released Time Bible Class currently reaching 3rd grade students at Northwest Elementary School in McDermott, OH.  Students are "released" from school for one hour each week to receive biblical instruction.  

What Is Bible Release Time?

The only legal way for public school students to study the Bible academically and devotionally during the school day requires the program to be:
Privately Funded
Parent Approved
Legal Location

How To Give

To help support this ministry, give below by selecting the "Compass School Ministries" fund.


For more information, contact camp intern Destiny Ruth.