95 Network

One-Day Conference for Pastors & Church Leaders

95 network conference

April 17, 2021

We prefer that all registration occurs online if at all possible. If you have any questions about the online registration process or to register by phone, feel free to contact us at (740) 372-6422.

95 Network

We exist to connect small and mid-size churches to BIG resources.


The 95 Network One Day Conference is a time for pastors to
build community and gain practical wisdom.  We'll be hosting a one-day event for pastors of small and mid-size churches.  In partnership with 95Network, the conference has been designed to serve the unique needs of the small and mid-size church leader -- to inspire, encourage, and equip their to reach their potential and increase their Kingdom impact.


This is the expected schedule and topics we will cover:
9:00 am—Introduction: A Biblical Template for a Thriving Church Structure
9:30am—Defining a Clear Mission and Vision
10:45am—How to Identify & Empower Leaders in Your Church
12:30pm—Discipleship: A Clear Pathway Versus Many Programs
1:45pm—Effective Internal and External Communications
3:00pm—Developing a Strong Volunteer Culture

Lunch provided

$35 / Registration

Please contact the camp office if you have any other questions. (740-372-6422 or info@mthopebiblecamp.com)